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Our signature is our yachts every zebama yacht is a work of art. Our signature is our yachts
every zebama yacht is a work of art.

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It has been about five years since Zebama Yachts changed management and embarked on a path in search of reinvention. A successful journey in this short time led Zebama to launch the Exclusive range in 2016. Behind the big name there is a big idea, which is to build yachts that will meet the high exclusive level, but still remain affordable mass-produced yachts.

The lineup features larger yachts, starting with the Zebama 63 Exclusive being launched first and later the ZEBAMA 56 Exclusive which takes the best elements from both models but is more accessible for cruisers. Our goal at ZEBAMA  is to provide our customers with large yet comfortable without needing a crew and at an affordable cost! With that philosophy in mind, our purchase prices must reflect this concept!

Luxury Yachts – Top Tips for Effective Tax Registration


Consider where to moor for maximum benefit

Attracting potential investors requires choosing an ideal jurisdiction in which to register and domicile your yacht, tailored specifically for its unique requirements.

Malta has earned itself an international reputation as a center for maritime excellence and therefore attracts yacht owners seeking both commercial and pleasure registration services. Yacht charter services can also be registered here with ease.

Cyprus is another attractive European location for yacht registration and charter registration and management.

Conversely, Jersey (near the UK) can attract owners of certain pleasure yachts while the Isle of Man stands out due to its varied tax rates and attractive tax relief policies.

Dixcart’s Madeira office is registered in the Azores due to Madeira’s low tax structure for international business centers. Due to Portugal’s lower VAT rate, this destination may also make an ideal place for importing yachts into the EU.

No matter if you are looking to buy or already own, these top tips are designed for both.

Registering Your Luxury Yacht
Consultants are often called upon to guide clients toward the most appropriate jurisdiction for registering their ship’s flag. In the past, consultants would often favor established jurisdictions; however, in today’s competitive world, other factors such as perception of jurisdiction, international transparency, the time difference between jurisdictions, legal systems with appropriate legal systems, experience, rising costs associated with certain jurisdictions are becoming more influential factors than in previous decades.

As part of an ideal practice for choosing an appropriate flag, consider these factors:

Strong international economic standards of at least an A grade. A reliable legal system. A commercial register that emphasizes service and response. And high performance in safety, security, and environmental protection.
Paris/Tokyo MoU whitelisted jurisdictions feature low-risk ratings based on reputation, compliance, and transparency factors.
An ideal jurisdiction provides low registration costs, simplified bureaucratic processes, and an attractive tax regime.
Owners who opt for registering their vessel outside their country of residency do so for various reasons, with some bearing in mind that once registered under another flag country’s flag some laws of that country may also apply to it as it’s considered part of its jurisdiction.

Understanding VAT
Tax is levied on goods imported into the EU, including yachts. Furthermore, VAT applies when commercial use takes place within EU territorial waters – therefore it’s crucial that you know how this tax affects you.

As expected, different EU member states have different VAT rates and interpretations of some EU VAT directives. Furthermore, local practices may vary between nations so it is wise to consult a professional advisor regarding what laws or procedures may apply in your location. Having paid VAT, your yacht can travel freely within Europe.

All privately owned by non-EU residents registered under non-EU flags may qualify to enter EU waters for up to 18 months without VAT due to temporary importation. If this applies to you, contact your yacht’s manufacturer as they may offer temporary import arrangements without VAT charges.

Ownership Structures Most yacht owners opt to register their vessels through an LLC so as to reduce personal liability associated with owning the yacht; however, there may be other viable solutions.

But why and what are the advantages? One of the main draws to registering your yacht with a limited liability company is limited liability protection: by doing so, boat owners can reduce personal liabilities while protecting assets.

In addition, holding the yacht under a legal entity can make selling much simpler; transfers between companies become simpler for buyers who wish to retain existing structure, crew, flag, and customization features. Furthermore, rather than selling the actual yacht directly, owners may decide instead to sell off the company itself which may even be exempt from sales tax depending on circumstances.

Conclusion Before registering their yacht or ship, shipowners should carefully consider which ownership structure best fits their vessel’s needs in terms of shipyard management as well as tax implications. This decision can have major ramifications on shipyard operations management as well as tax issues.

Structured ownership offers various opportunities when it comes to yacht acquisition and operation; the challenge lies in getting it right.

Dixcart Air Marine provides comprehensive yacht registration services across multiple jurisdictions, from creating and managing legal entities to the registration of yachts themselves; additional concierge services including crewing contracts and payroll fees are also provided.

For more in-depth advice, please reach out to or your normal Dixcart contact.

Dixcart Trust Corporation Limited in Guernsey holds a full fiduciary license issued by the Guernsey Financial Services Commission; their company registration number in Guernsey is 6512.

Dixcart Management (IOM) Limited is licensed by the Isle of Man Financial Services Authority.

Superyachts Are Magnificent Engineering Marvels: Experience Their Majesty

Superyachts, also referred to as luxury or megayachts, represent the epitome of opulence, elegance, and sophistication. These floating palaces provide their owners and guests with an experience unparalleled anywhere else on earth – merging the thrills of open sea sailing with five-star hotel comfort. In this article, we will delve deep into this fascinating world of superyachts; their history, design, technology, and lifestyles that they encapsulate.

History of Superyachts

Superyachts first emerged during the early 20th century as wealthy individuals commissioned larger and more luxurious yachts to meet their need for comfort and style. Early examples include John Jay White’s 85-foot “Aphrodite,” built in 1908 for his millionaire lifestyle; as well as Lady Yule’s 233-foot “Nahlin,” built for Lady Yule as an inheritance gift in 1930.

But it was in the late 20th century when the superyacht industry truly began its boom, thanks to an increasing number of ultra-high-net-worth individuals with an eye on luxury living. Nowadays, most superyachts measure over 100 meters (328 feet). Modern boast luxurious amenities and technological innovations.

Design and Construction
Superyachts are masterpieces of modern engineering and design, necessitating an experienced team of naval architects, engineers, and designers to realize them. Every superyacht is custom-tailored to its owner’s specific desires and requirements for ultimate luxury living on the water.

Designing and building a superyacht usually takes several years and encompasses numerous steps, such as concept development, exterior/interior design, and detailed engineering. Construction takes place at specialist shipyards around the world like Lurssen, Feadship, or Benetti with experience creating these magnificent vessels.

Superyacht construction materials typically include steel, aluminum, and advanced composites – materials that provide durability as well as reduced weight to improve performance and fuel efficiency. Inside each superyacht is fitted with exquisite materials like rare woods, marble, or precious metals for an unparalleled guest experience.

Technological Innovations
 feature state-of-the-art technology for navigation and entertainment purposes. Innovative propulsion systems such as hybrid powerplants or unique hull designs enable these vessels to achieve impressive speeds with reduced environmental impact while meeting all environmental regulations.

Onboard, guests can experience an abundance of amenities, from state-of-the-art audiovisual display systems and satellite communications capabilities to advanced security measures and even helipads and submersibles – providing an unmatched experience for owners and their guests alike.

Owning a superyacht is more than owning an extravagant vessel; it’s about living an exclusive and adventurous lifestyle on board one. Superyachts provide the ideal platform to discover remote destinations like the Mediterranean Sea, Caribbean Islands, or South Pacific oceans.

A typical day aboard a superyacht could start off with an early morning swim in the crystal-clear waters of an idyllic cove, followed by breakfast served on the sun deck by a professional crew. Following that, guests might indulge in spa treatments, take thrilling jet ski rides, or explore their surroundings via custom-built tender.

Evenings aboard a superyacht are nothing less than remarkable, with exquisite meals prepared by world-class chefs followed by cocktails under the stars and private screenings of Hollywood blockbusters in an onboard cinema.

As demand for even larger and more luxurious vessels increases, the superyacht industry continues to push the boundaries of what is possible. New designs include eco-friendly technologies like solar energy generation and hybrid propulsion systems to lower the environmental impact of these yachts.

Superyacht manufacturers and industry professionals alike are exploring new ways to enhance onboard experiences for passengers, from virtual reality installations to cutting-edge wellness facilities. Thanks to these constant efforts of innovation and progress, superyachts look set to continue becoming even more impressive than we could imagine in years to come.

Provide an unparalleled combination of luxury, adventure, and engineering feats. These magnificent vessels represent the pinnacle of human creativity; allowing their owners to travel around in style.

A yacht is a luxury vessel that is typically used for recreational activities such as cruising, racing, and fishing. It is designed to provide its passengers with a comfortable and luxurious experience on the water, with amenities such as sleeping quarters, dining areas, lounges, and even helipads.

Its history of it can is traced back to the 17th century when wealthy individuals began commissioning sailing ships for leisure activities. Over time, these vessels evolved into the sleek and modern motorized yachts that we know today.

Come in many shapes and sizes, ranging from small, single-person sailboats to massive luxury liners that can accommodate hundreds of people. Some of the world’s most famous yachts are owned by billionaires and celebrities and can cost hundreds of millions of dollars to build and maintain.

One of the key features of a yacht is its size. While there is no specific definition of what constitutes a yacht, they are generally considered to be vessels that are larger and more luxurious than traditional recreational boats. Many are over 100 feet in length, and some can even reach 500 feet or more.

The size of a yacht is often determined by its intended use. Some are designed for long-range cruising and are equipped with fuel-efficient engines and large fuel tanks to allow for extended voyages. Other yachts are designed for speed, with powerful engines and streamlined hulls that can reach top speeds of 30 knots or more.

The interior of a yacht is just as important as its exterior, and many are designed with luxurious furnishings and high-end finishes. Common amenities on a yacht may include multiple bedrooms with en suite bathrooms, a fully-equipped kitchen and dining area, a lounge with entertainment systems, and outdoor areas for dining and lounging.

In addition to these amenities, many also have dedicated crew quarters to accommodate the captain, crew members, and other staff who help maintain the vessel and provide service to the passengers. Depending on the size of the yacht, the crew may consist of a captain, first mate, engineers, chefs, stewardesses, and other specialists.

Are often associated with luxury and extravagance and for good reason. The cost of owning and operating a yacht can be staggering, with expenses that include maintenance, crew salaries, fuel, and insurance. However, for those who can afford it, a yacht can provide a unique and unforgettable experience that is unmatched by any other form of travel.

One of the most popular activities for yacht owners is cruising. Whether exploring the crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean or the rugged coastline of Alaska, a yacht provides the perfect platform for enjoying the beauty of the natural world in comfort and style. Some Are even equipped with submarines or other underwater vehicles, allowing passengers access to explore the ocean depths in a way that few other people ever can.

Another popular activity for yacht owners is fishing. Many are equipped with state-of-the-art fishing gear and amenities, making them ideal for pursuing everything from trout to marlin. Some even have built-in fish processing and storage facilities, allowing anglers to catch, clean, and cook their own meals right on board.

In addition to cruising and fishing, many are also used for racing. Yacht racing is a popular sport around the world, and can range from casual regattas to high-stakes international competitions. Racing is typically designed for speed and agility, with sleek hulls and powerful engines that can propel them through the water at impressive speeds.

Of course, owning a yacht is not for everyone. The cost and complexity of maintaining a yacht can be daunting, and many people prefer to charter a yacht instead. Yacht charters allow individuals or groups to rent a yacht for a set period of time, typically ranging from a few


Luxury yachts


Luxury yachts are an opulent symbol of wealth and extravagance, often owned by billionaires, celebrities, or high-net-worth individuals. Here, we explore their features and benefits as well as some of their most popular models on the market today.

Luxury yachts come in all sizes and shapes, from sporty boats with limited capacity up to massive super yachts that can hold many people. Made of high-grade materials such as wood, fiberglass, and aluminum, luxury ones features state-of-the-art technology and amenities that cater to their passengers.

One of the primary characteristics of a motor yacht is its size. While there is no official definition for what constitutes a motor yacht, they generally refer to vessels that are larger and more luxurious than traditional recreational boats – many motor yachts exceed 100 feet long while some even reach 500 feet or longer!

The Interior of luxury is equally important as its exterior, often featuring luxurious furnishings and high-end finishes. Amenities on board may include multiple bedrooms with en suite bathrooms, a fully-equipped kitchen/dining area, a lounge with entertainment systems, and outdoor areas for lounging or dining.

Many motor yachts provide additional amenities, such as crew quarters. This space allows the captain, crew members, and support staff who work on maintaining and providing service for passengers to live comfortably aboard their vessel. Depending on its size, crews may include captains, first mates, engineers, chefs, stewardesses, and other specialists who help manage it all.

An important advantage of owning a luxury yacht is the opportunity it provides for traveling comfortably and stylishly to distant and exotic locations. Be it sailing through the Mediterranean or Caribbean waters, luxury yachts make the ideal platform from which to appreciate nature’s splendor in style. Some even come equipped with submarines or other underwater vehicles so that passengers can explore ocean depths like few others can.

An additional perk of owning a luxury yacht is being able to entertain friends and family in an exceptional and unforgettable setting. Whether it be hosting dinner parties on the upper deck or simply fishing and swimming for fun on its decks, a luxury yacht offers unparalleled privacy and luxury entertainment that cannot be found elsewhere.

When it comes to selecting a luxury yacht, there are countless models on the market to consider. Some of the more acclaimed options on offer today include the Benetti FB277, Lurssen Azzam, and Feadship Symphony yachts; each designed to provide supreme comfort, luxury, and performance along with cutting-edge technologies and amenities.

Luxury yachts are an unparalleled symbol of wealth and extravagance, offering high performance, luxurious amenities, and attentive crew service that cannot be found elsewhere. Cruise through crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean on one or host a dinner party on its upper deck: Luxuries are unmatched as travel experiences that offer unique memories for years.

Motor yachts are one of the most luxurious vessels used for recreational cruising and fishing. Designed to offer maximum comfort on the water, motor yachts offer sleeping quarters, dining areas, lounge areas, and even helipads to offer ultimate relaxation onboard. In this article, we will look at both their features and benefits as well as some of their most popular models on offer today.

Motor yachts are powered by one or more diesel engines that offer both high performance and reliability, as well as various shapes and sizes to meet various needs. From small single-person vessels to massive luxury liners that can host hundreds of people. Some of the world’s most renowned motor yachts belong to billionaires and celebrities, costing millions in construction and upkeep.

One of the hallmarks of a motor yacht is its size. While no concrete definition exists for what constitutes a motor yacht, they generally refer to vessels that are larger and more luxurious than traditional recreational boats – often exceeding 100 feet and sometimes exceeding 500 feet!

Motor yacht interior design is just as crucial to its exterior appearance; many yachts feature luxurious furnishings and high-end finishes on board. Amenities offered on a motor yacht may include multiple bedrooms with en suite bathrooms, a fully-equipped kitchen/dining area, a lounge with entertainment systems, and outdoor areas designed for dining and lounging.

Motor yachts typically provide additional amenities, including crew quarters for captains, crew members, and other staff who assist in maintaining and serving passengers onboard. Depending on its size, this may include a captain, first mate, engineers, chefs, stewardesses, or even specialists such as diving instructors.

One of the many advantages of owning a motor yacht is being able to explore remote and exotic locales comfortably and stylishly. From Mediterranean cruises to Caribbean excursions, motor yachts provide the ideal platform for experiencing nature in comfort and style. Some even come equipped with submarines or other underwater vehicles so passengers can explore deeper depths than they ever could before!

Motor yacht ownership provides another advantage: entertaining friends and family in an unparalleled and unforgettable setting. From hosting dinner parties on the upper deck to enjoying fishing trips or swimming sessions, motor yachts offer unparalleled privacy and luxury entertainment options that no other form can match.

When selecting a motor yacht, there are numerous choices available to you. Some of the more popular models on the market today include Sunseeker Predator, Azimut Grande, and Ferretti Yachts 960; each designed to provide supreme comfort, luxury, and performance while boasting cutting-edge technologies and amenities.

Provide an elegant and enjoyable way to experience nature at its best in comfort and style. Boasting high performance, luxurious amenities, and a dedicated crew, motor yachts provide an unrivaled travel experience – from sailing through Caribbean waters or hosting dinner parties on their upper deck,  provide ultimate relaxation and luxury.

yacht owners
yacht owners

Sailing yachts are an increasingly popular choice among those who appreciate water, wind, and adventure. Built to harness the wind’s force and offer an unmatched sailing experience. In this article, we will examine some of the features and benefits associated with sailing yachts as well as some of their most popular models currently on the market.

Come in all sizes and shapes, from dinghies to luxurious vessels. Made of high-grade materials such as wood, fiberglass, and aluminum,  provide a smooth and relaxing journey across the water. Equipped with sails that use wind power to move them forward.

Offer one of the best eco-friendly ways to travel without using fossil fuels or non-renewable resources while offering passengers freedom and adventure as they experience new places while discovering the natural world in an unforgettable way.

Are known for their sleek and elegant designs that combine form with function in an aesthetic yet practical manner. Additionally, sailing yachts feature comfortable cabins, dining areas, and entertainment systems to allow their passengers to unwind during the voyage.

Offer more than luxurious amenities; they also provide an unforgettable and thrilling sailing experience. Their design allows them to adapt easily to various weather conditions – from calm seas and sunny skies, through rough seas and strong winds, as well as rough waters and strong winds. In addition,  come equipped with various safety features such as life rafts, emergency beacons, and communication systems to protect passengers and crew members alike.

When selecting a sailing yacht, there are various models to consider. Popular examples on the market today include Jeanneau Sun Odyssey, Bavaria Cruiser, and Beneteau Oceanis; each designed for maximum sailing performance while still remaining comfortable and luxurious, complete with cutting-edge technologies and amenities.

Offer an unforgettable sailing experience unmatched by any other form of transportation. Their ability to harness the wind power, luxurious amenities, and thrilling sailing adventure provide an ideal way to explore nature in comfort and style – cruising calm waters or braving rough seas alike, life on board is truly an adventure that you won’t soon forget!

motor yacht


Are vessels powered by engines, making them popular choices for leisure activities like cruising, fishing, and water sports. There are various sizes and types of yachts; mega yachts, luxury superyachts, or featured yachts are designed specifically to meet high-end customer expectations in terms of quality, comfort, and performance.

Mega yachts are the largest type of motor yacht, typically boasting lengths over 100 feet. These vessels feature advanced amenities such as swimming pools, helipads, cinema rooms, and luxurious cabins to make them the epitome of luxury and sophistication.

Shipyards that specialize in building mega yachts invest heavily in their expertise and resources to meet market demand. Their facilities feature cutting-edge technologies and skilled artisans who dedicate themselves to crafting perfect vessels for each client – as well as customization services to accommodate individual preferences and fulfill individual requests for customization.

right boat


Selecting the ideal boat can be daunting, but with expert help it’s possible. No matter whether it’s for personal or commercial use, working with a knowledgeable team will ensure you make an informed decision and find one to match both your needs and budget. They can guide you through the selection process while providing detailed information about the features and specifications of every vessel before helping you choose one that best meets them all.

purchasing a mega yacht


When purchasing a mega yacht, it is crucial that you work with a team with extensive industry experience and knowledge. They will offer valuable insights into current trends and innovations that could impact your purchase decision; in addition to assisting in the purchasing process from financing options to negotiating the best possible price.

Are luxurious and versatile vessels that provide an unforgettable way to experience the open sea. There are numerous shipyards dedicated to building mega yachts, luxury superyachts, or featured yachts to the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship; working with such an expert team will help ensure that you make an informed decision that matches perfectly with your individual needs and preferences.


Motor yachts – superyachts and luxury

Are among the most beloved types of vessels for those who enjoy yachting’s luxurious freedom and pleasures. There’s bound to be an ideal motor yacht out there that meets your requirements, whether that’s a large vessel, luxury superyacht, or featured yacht.

Luxury superyachts are some of the most extravagant motor yachts on the market, boasting impressive sizes and an abundance of amenities that cater to even the most discriminating tastes. From onboard spas and infinity pools to helicopter landing pads and beach clubs – Offer unparalleled sophistication and opulence.

But not all are as grandiose; featured yachts are smaller vessels designed to offer luxurious yet enjoyable experiences on the water. These vessels may feature state-of-the-art sound systems, luxurious cabins, and sun decks to maximize your time at sea.

No matter the size or style of motor yacht you select, yachting can be an unforgettable experience that allows you to discover some of the world’s most breathtaking destinations from your very own vessel. Yachting offers unparalleled access to some of the Caribbean’s crystal clear waters as well as the Mediterranean’s rugged coasts for exploring some of Earth’s most spectacular places.

If you’re considering buying a motor yacht, it is essential that you work with an experienced yacht broker who can guide and advise throughout every stage of the purchasing process. Brokers offer valuable insights on current industry trends and innovations while helping find vessels tailored specifically to suit both your needs and budget – guaranteeing that purchasing goes as smoothly as possible from start to finish.

Motor yachts provide an elegant and unique way to discover the beauty of the open sea. No matter if it is your dream to experience superyacht luxury or something smaller like featured yachting – motor yachts provide the ultimate yachting experience and are waiting to take you exploring some of the world’s most breathtaking coastlines and destinations today!

Zebama luxury yachts
Zebama luxury yachts


Yachting offers an exceptional way to discover the magic of the sea and experience some of its most stunning locations. Yachting provides an unforgettable and luxurious travel experience, giving you freedom and flexibility unavailable with other forms of transport.

Yachting provides an amazing sense of peace and serenity on the water, whether you’re lounging on your deck, dining al fresco, or simply admiring the view. There’s something magical about being immersed in nature and immersed by its rhythms – one of its main appeals is yachting itself!

Yachting allows you to experience some of the world’s most breathtaking destinations, from the Caribbean’s turquoise waters and rugged coastlines to the Mediterranean’s rugged coastlines with their lush vegetation and dramatic shorelines. A yacht gives you access to remote beaches, coves, and islands that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to reach otherwise.

Yachting isn’t only about reaching destinations; it’s also about the journey itself. Planning your voyage, selecting your vessel, and setting sail can all be exciting experiences in themselves; once on board the water you’ll experience freedom and spontaneity that are hard to replicate in other forms of travel.

No matter your level of experience or familiarity with yachting, there’s always something new and exciting to discover in the open sea. Why not set sail today on your own yachting adventure and experience its splendor and magnificence?

luxury yachts